Welcome to The Lodge! We are here to guide you in creating the perfect boarding experience for your baby. As an extension of the Animal Clinic of Windermere, you can expect excellent care and attention to detail. 

Please keep in mind that we extend our boarding services exclusively to current patients of the Animal Clinic of Windermere. 


Classic Rooms and Suites – $32/night (additional pets sharing the room are $30 ea)

A Lot of pets are crate trained at home and instinctively will feel much happier and contained in a smaller accommodation with a crate style door. Each room includes a comfortable memory foam-like bed and three private outings (morning, afternoon, and evening) to get business taken care of. Please keep in mind that these rooms are assigned based on the guest’s overall size and the number of pets in the room. 

Junior Suites – $45/night (additional pets sharing the room are $30 ea)

This private wing was created especially for our smaller guests who love spending time with their own size friends. It is isolated from the larger suites and provides these little vacationers with the privacy and peaceful environment we know they love. The Junior Suite Wing also features a turfed outdoor yard which helps keep our shortest guests clean and an airconditioned play area for those hot and rainy days. Each room includes a raised canvas cot and sheepskin bedding and private, morning, afternoon, and evening outings with their concierge. 

Deluxe Suites – $47/night (additional pets sharing the room are $30 ea)

These are perfect for pets that need the extra legroom and like to be a part of the action while still having the chance to get away for a nap. The rooms have been purposefully staggered to avoid the direct view of other guests and the doors were designed with bars on the bottom to allow our guests to be in the know by sniffing through them. Raised canvas cots, placed behind their privacy panel ensure plenty of airflow under the belly for long, cool naps after some fun in the sun. All Deluxe Suites include three private outings.

Signature Suites – $69 (additional pets sharing the room are $30 ea)

Three gorgeous oversized suites were created for our gentle giants, large families, or simply, the spoiled pet! These rooms include all the benefits of our Deluxe Suites but on a much larger scale. Choose from 30, 40, or 42 square feet of pure luxury and comfort. Each room includes an oversized canvas cot and sheepskin bedding and outings in the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

2-Room Signature Suite – $97 (additional pets sharing the room are $30 ea)

Our most exclusive room yet! The 2- Room Signature Suite was created for those families that perhaps like to spend their leisure time together but naps and meals in the privacy of their own space. A guillotine door is available to separate the two spaces as needed. This Suite is also in a privileged location. Being the only room in this hall, it ensures long, quiet naps and special time with our concierge, stationed immediately outside the door, will be a daily affair. The room includes as many beds as needed and sheepskin bedding as well as a luxurious blanket and bone-shaped pillow.

 At The Lodge, we include private outings instead of just walks. This means time for your pet to spend one-on-one getting to know us. Earning your pet’s trust is one of our top priorities during their stay. All these outings take place in the yard so your baby can potty, play, explore, and cuddle.

Another very important aspect to consider is your pet’s routine while boarding. It is always wise to try to mimic their home routine as closely as possible. To customize their afternoons, feel free to mix and match and tell us what each day of your baby’s experience will be like.


Private Play Time……………. $5/10min

Private Cuddle Time…………. $5/10min

Additional Walk………………. $8/10min

Group Play……………………. $15/day (2 -30 min sessions)

Stuffed Kong………………….. $5 ea

Bedtime Story…….….…….…. $5

Sheepskin Bedding….….……. $5/day

Morning Pupuccino……………$5

Evening News…………………$8

And of course, we know this can be overwhelming. That is why we’ve come up with 4 activity packages you can choose from.


The Refined Pet Is your pet a lover of the finer things?! This package includes daily morning cuddle time and brush-outs, a mid-day stroll through the park, and a visit to our toy-box to rent a new toy each day and a relaxing bedtime story each night. Oh! And the final touch… a complimentary pawdicure service! – $18 a day

The Social Butterfly Some dogs were born to socialize! This package is sure to satisfy that itch with daily playtime with doggy friends and extended private time with the counselor before and after each session and nightly text communication with mom and dad. – $18 a day

CrossPaws Membership For the tri-athlete dogs out there, wear yourself out with daily visits to our agility course and challenge your fitness in one of our frisbee or fetch sessions. And after all that working out, a much-needed Go-Home Bath at no additional charge! – $18 a day

Senior Bliss We understand age changes and know one of the main complaints senior pets present is stiffness and joint pain, especially during boarding. This package includes our premium bedding rental, extended cuddle times with face massages and a Class IV Therapeutic Laser Session every 3 days. – $18 a day


Bedding: Every room at The Lodge includes a premium raised canvas cot specially designed for comfort, airflow, and cleanliness. In order to meet our cleanliness standards, we ask that you do not bring any bedding (beds and blankets) from home.

Food: We also include everyone’s meals. We feed Hill’s Sensitive Skin and Stomach dry kibble at no charge. There is also no additional charge for you providing your own food, so feel free to do so. We only request is that you pack any dry kibble in individual portions to ensure we have enough to last the entire stay.

Medication: Because The Lodge is an extension of ACW, we have the added benefit of no additional charge for medication administration. We ask that you bring all medications in their original bottles. Our counselors will be happy to ensure your baby gets their meds.

Toys: Please don’t bring anything that could become a choking hazard such as rawhides, antlers, or bully sticks.