For our Overnight guests:

CHECK IN- 2pm to 6:30pm
CHECK OUT- 7:30am to 11am
Early arrivals and late departures can be arranged and will incur additional charges.

For our Daycare and Bathing guests:

CHECK IN- 7:30am to 11am
CHECK OUT- 2pm to 6:30pm
Please note we cannot accommodate arrivals and departures outside of these hours.


From years of working with our feline friends, we know they love observing all the action… at a distance! Our brand-new kitty boarding area offers just that. A private wing designed with condos overlooking the hospital on one side and outside on the other with walls shielding them from the scents and sounds of dogs. Your kitty is sure to be entertained all day while still feeling safe!

2-level Condos – $30

Each condo features two stories featuring wood floors. On the top level you will find comfortable, plush bedding (provided by ACW), stainless steel water and food bowls, and an interactive wall “fishbowl” for entertainment. The top-level overlooks the clinic’s hallway on one side and the parking lot and main road on the other. The second level offers a very private litter pan area and a shelf to rest in privacy rather than on the top level. No matter your kitty’s personality traits, we make it our mission to ensure they enjoy their vacation at The Lodge!

A La Carte Activities

Private Play Time…………….. $12/10min
Private Cuddle Time………… $8/10 min
Bedtime Story & Tuck In……$8 a day
Evening News…………………..$15 a day

What to Pack & Not to Pack

Bedding: Every condo includes a comfortable, plushy bed. However, you are welcome to bring a t-shirt or small blanket if you prefer. Please keep in mind we do not accept any bedding that could block our view of the guest. i.e. Beds they can hide in.

Food: All meals are included! We feed Hill’s science diet dry kibble at no charge. Unfortunately, we do not provide any wet/canned food. There is also no additional charge for you providing your own food, so feel free to do so. We only request that you pack enough to last the entire stay.

Medication: Because the lodge is an extension of ACW, we have the added benefit of no additional charge for medication administration. We do require that you bring all medications in their original bottles. Our counselors will be happy to make sure your pet receives their medications as prescribed.

Toys: Please don’t bring anything that could become a choking hazard.