The Lodge at ACW is proud to host Doggy Day Care!!!

Day care includes a size appropriate room to hang out in for the day and 3 private, off-leash walks in one of our four spacious yards. We also offer group activities for an additional fee.

Our Day care offers 30-minute group interactions throughout the day where dogs have the opportunity to meet and play with new friends and safely learn how to properly socialize and interact with others. Pack Members enjoy size appropriate, leash-free play sessions and private-room nap intervals. This ensures the right balance between mental and physical stimulation and rest.

Our experienced staff have had specialized training to interpret canine body language so they can ensure all the dogs are comfortable and identify what is appropriate behavior and what is dangerous. In addition, our pet concierges are there to interact during play, give treats during quiet times, or even a good ol’ scratch behind the ear and cuddles.


An introductory day is required for all aspiring Pack Members. During this complimentary day, we will test behaviors such as, being startled, sharing water bowls and toys, recall abilities, etc. Your pet will spend a few minutes in a fenced area adjacent to the yard where the group is playing and will only be allowed into the group area once he/she has showed consistency in passing our tests. We will also observe and discourage behaviors as they interact through the fence with current Members of the ACW Pack.

Introduction Day: Complimentary

Day Care with group interactions: $25/day

Day Care with private interactions: $20/day